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    3. JSP Samples

      This is a collection of samples demonstrating the usage of different parts of the Java Server Pages (JSP) specification. Both JSP 2.0 and JSP 1.2 examples are presented below.

      These examples will only work when these pages are being served by a servlet engine; of course, we recommend Tomcat. They will not work if you are viewing these pages via a "file://..." URL.

      To navigate your way through the examples, the following icons will help:
      Execute the example
      Look at the source code for the example
      Return to this screen

      Tip: For session scoped beans to work, the cookies must be enabled. This can be done using browser options.
      JSP 2.0 Examples
      Expression Language
      Basic Arithmetic Execute Source
      Basic Comparisons Execute Source
      Implicit Objects Execute Source
      Functions Execute Source
      Composite Expressions Execute Source

      SimpleTag Handlers and JSP Fragments
      Hello World Tag Execute Source
      Repeat Tag Execute Source
      Book Example Execute Source

      Tag Files
      Hello World Tag File Execute Source
      Panel Tag File Execute Source
      Display Products Example Execute Source

      New JSP XML Syntax (.jspx)
      XHTML Basic Example Execute Source
      SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Execute Source

      Other JSP 2.0 Features
      <jsp:attribute> and <jsp:body> Execute Source
      Shuffle Example Execute Source
      Attributes With Dynamic Names Execute Source
      JSP Configuration Execute Source

      JSP 1.2 Examples
      Numberguess  Execute Source
      Date  Execute Source
      Snoop Execute Source
      ErrorPage  Execute Source
      Carts  Execute Source
      Checkbox  Execute Source
      Color  Execute Source
      Calendar  Execute Source
      Include  Execute Source
      Forward  Execute Source
      Plugin  Execute Source
      JSP-Servlet-JSP  Execute Source
      Custom tag example Execute Source
      XML syntax example Execute Source

      Tag Plugins
      If  Execute Source
      ForEach  Execute Source
      Choose  Execute Source

      Other Examples
      FORM Authentication  Execute
      Example that demonstrates protecting a resource and using Form-Based authentication. To access the page the user must have role of either "tomcat" or "role1". By default no user is configured to have these roles.
      Servlet 3.0 Asynchronous processing examples 
      Examples that demonstrate using Servlet 3.0 asynchronous request processing API.
      async0  Execute
      async1  Execute
      async2  Execute
      async3  Execute
      stockticker  Execute
      Comet processing example 
      Example that demonstrates asynchronous request processing using Comet API. See "Advanced IO" chapter in the User Guide for details. It works only with connectors that support Comet processing (APR or NIO HTTP connectors).
      Comet Chat  Execute